A solid formula...

In 1995 we applied our strategy of combining our local infrastructure with international expertise for the first time.

Strength through synergies...

Since then, we have applied this formula time and again to create business ventures with high probabilities of success thanks to our ability to control risk, especially during their formative stages.

An array of services...

We cover different areas of financial and investment services activities, including asset management, fund and retirement scheme services, and payment services. 

“The group sets market standards by creating innovative concepts, whilst providing consistent level of service.”

~ Lawrence Buttigieg, Director

“Every new initiative undertaken by the Group is still based on the same entrepreneurial spirit as in the early days. Then, as now, changing time have always been the basis for opportunities.”

~ Tony Zahra, Chairman

Our team is backed by many years of experience.

Tony Zahra

Founder & Chairman

Lawrence Buttigieg

CEO & Company Secretary